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Greenhouse seedling bed procurement errors

Autumn is the greenhouse seedling bed, a bed in the procurement season, you can start looking for suppliers? Some customers in the first purchase will ignore some details, today I will give you a few strokes.

1. Focus only on price.

Some customers in the online search to a few suppliers, began to call one inquiry, if the first offer 75 yuan, as long as there are more than $75 behind, will soon be impatient: your home price is too expensive!" "Bang" the phone hung up, get the supplier dumbfounding. So you may wish to listen to the quality of each supplier quotes corresponding to what kind of material, through careful comparison will find that the moving bed material sufficient, affordable. When you have a large number of procurement, goods than three must be done. So the first advice is: patience.

2. Just listen to sweet words.

In today's cohabitation of the Internet era, only to determine whether the sound is a reliable supplier is completely feasible. Some suppliers said so special, their products boast as if it were raining flowers, but really so good? If you allow time, it is best to personally visit the manufacturers to see their size, strength; if there is no time, then you must be a lot of inquiries, many aspects of the investigation, and then make a conclusion. So the second advice is: careful.

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