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How to improve the service life of the purse seine

As everyone knows, is on the basketball court fence for outdoor use, after exposed to the weather. The use of basketball game fence for a long time the appearance will inevitably occur to varying degrees of damage. So that the fence is not beautiful enough. Therefore, how to improve the longevity of the basketball field fence is an essential work of beauty. So how can we use the fence for a long time without the appearance of the environment and keep it beautiful?

Tips to teach you how to use the basket in the basketball court: using the anti oxidation technology as a method of hot galvanizing.

The annealing process of hot galvanizing is the net of the purse seine before entering the hot galvanizing line. Firstly, the recrystallization annealing was carried out in the bottom type annealing furnace or bell type annealing furnace. In this way, there is no galvanizing line annealing process. In the field of basketball nets, a clean pure iron surface must be kept before the hot dip galvanizing. The method is to remove the surface oxide scale of the net board of the annealing net by pickling method. It is then coated with a layer of zinc chloride or a mixture of ammonium chloride and zinc chloride. In order to prevent the oxidation of protection nets.

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