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Outdoor basketball court fence / lighting design and installation instructions

Sports venues around the fence to better improve the level of sports and leisure. For example, changes in the pattern of basketball field Purse Seine, color patterns, more suitable for durability.

Purse seine: product specifications

(1). Wrapped plastic wire by 3.8mm

(2). Mesh 50mm X 50mm

(3). Size: 3000mm X 4000mm

(4). Column: diameter 60/2.75mm steel pipe

(5). Horizontal column: diameter 48/2.5mm steel pipe welding

(6). Connection: Welding

(7). Anti corrosion treatment: anti rust primer + advanced metal paint

Imported purse seine - product introduction:

A. Wire: suitable for all kinds of high quality and low carbon galvanized steel wire, to ensure customer demand.

B. Ingredients: pure high density PE plastic packaging imported, not with any filler and recycled raw material components, to ensure that the requirements of the service life and the standard of products.

C. Package: 300 degrees high temperature plasticization, so that the inner layer of low carbon steel wire and the surface of plastic paste tightly, not easy to air infiltration into the surface oxidation of steel wire from the inside to the foreign minister rust, resulting in shortened life.

D. Thickness: high temperature plastic extrusion, stable rotation speed, plastic surface thickness of 0.6mm or more.

E. Color: various color masterbatch powder synthesized adding anti UV raw material mixed to the specific technology, to ensure stability of the product color, the surface is bright and clean as new, bright durable years of use.

F. Process: unique rotary hook weaving technology, the optimization of the mold design, to ensure that the production of bending without breaking.

Life: high density of the original plastic, the surface water absorption of 0%, resistant to ordinary acid and alkali, than ordinary plastic wrap purse life of 5~8 years.

Maintenance: free from manual maintenance and maintenance, the surface of the dust through the rain wash off naturally, to stop the use of removable as green facilities

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